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Relaxation Therapist Techniques Training:  Hypnotherapy Methods: Guided Imagery, Autogenic Training, Classical Self-Hypnosis, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, (Rapid Mind-Body Methods) Therapy Resolution, PractitionerPro®

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If you'd like a comprehensive, in-depth home-study education with the same benefits as land, and takes less time, join us. To be superior in your field, you need outstanding training that gives a method to use with multiple benefit applications. That's what we offer. Other classes will require hours training you stuff you don’t necessarily need. They may even take ownership of reinventing skills that are as old as time itself. Licensure boards have attempted to train relaxation techniques, emotional self-regulation skills. However, emotions, stress and anger are not mental health conditions.

Stress is not an Illness

Stress is defined as a disruption of normal homeostasis. PMID:12040539 

According to the American Psychiatric Association “Stress can be brief, situational and a positive force motivating performance, but if experienced over an extended period of time it can become chronic stress, which negatively impacts health and well-being.”

Anger is not an Illness

According to the American Psychiatric Association, anger is not an illness. Anger is listed as a diagnostic entity in the DSM- (IV)5. The DSM (DSM-IV) diagnostic manual does not include anger as a diagnosable disorder.

Therefore, counseling, psychotherapy or psychotropic medication is not useful. Teaching clients vehicles how to deal with stress such as: Exercises for Grounding, Emotional Regulation, Relaxation techniques, Coping and problem-solving skills are imperative to become an integral part of mental healthcare. That is what we teach and that is the missing link in healthcare.

Relaxation  Non Violence Training
Relaxation  Non Violence Training
Relaxation  Non Violence Training
Relaxation  NonViolence Training

Helping to build social-emotional and character development (SECD) skills and coping strategies producing positive character traits, relationships and behaviors. … Welcome to PractionerPro®

A Practical Training & Mobile Ready Toolkit for Today’s Working Therapist / Educator

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We teach you fundamental aspects of Relaxation techniques, the field of hypnotherapy. Relaxation techniques are phenomenal, and ancient wisdom. Dive deep into an in depth training of Hypnotherapy and discover how to-do Mind-Body methods: Guided Imagery, Autogenic Training, Classical Self-Hypnosis, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, (Rapid Mind-Body Methods) Therapy Resolution, PractitionerPro®

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Discover Relaxation Therapies, PractitionerPro® training, evidence-based practices. We are the expert trainer of Relaxation Techniques, effective management of emotions, stress, anger, and pain (non-pharmacological). Relaxation Therapies, PractitionerPro® training Benefits include: relieve stress, emotional and physical pain, improve energy and mood, mental and physical health .

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We focus on a client-centered method that’s simple to understand and works, often phenomenally for most patients. We have invented a manner for you to learn productively so that you get everything you need in less time. Our training offers students easy careers to launch into without prerequisites and expands licensed professionals with credentials they miss in their licensure board trainings. Regardless of your educational level achievement, discover a career well in demand with extraordinary results.

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In addition, to become certified, you get all the books and supplies you need with your training fee. Most schools require you purchase additional supplies, books, and repeated workbooks beyond the registration fees.

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We are a pioneer in Relaxation Therapies education, high academic standards, evidence-based methods, blending ancient wisdom of the past combined with modern psychological tools of the present for less money and in less time – that’s what we offer you. 

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Contact us for more information at Ph: (814) 662 - 5338, and come join us for a superb education offering transformational experiences while you are being trained to assist others, you will love the experience you’ll have.



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Using Technology as a Learning Tool, and Student Digital Media Kit for the management of stress, pain and relaxation

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Evidence-Based Methods: Scientifically proven to reduce healthcare utilization & efficacious chronic pain therapy, improving cardiovascular parameters, anxiety, chronic stress, menopausal symptoms, promoting positive health behaviors substantially. Request mind-body medicine professional Training & Appointment:

                       "The Missing Link in Healthcare and our Education"                                                                                                   

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