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Services: Online Holistic Health and Wellness

Holistic Health Care


• Individual/couples

• 28 Day Course Relaxation, Meditation and Mindfulness Living

• Community services - Focused on  Women's Health and Family Wellness but all genders accepted.

• Marital Mediation - Alternative to Marriage Counseling. Evidence-based, take the risk out-of-failure.

• Mindfulness Parenting - According to new research, children who experience mindful parenting are less likely to use drugs or get depression or anxiety.

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Online programs for women and their families

The Services: Online Holistic Health and Wellness provides online services to parenting women and their families.

Common issues addressed:

Stress, anger, disruptive behavior

• Nonnarcotic management: pain, depression, anxiety and mood

• Couples marital difficulties

• Women’s emotional health issues

• Parenting challenges

• Adjustment to change and life’s transitions

• Work-family related stress

• Separation, divorce, co-parenting

• Family stressors

• Emotional recovery

• Grief, bereavement and loss

• Coping with medical diagnoses

• Caregiver, foster parent, parent skills you need to make sure children are healthy and safe

• Integrative Wellness: energy, better sleep, balanced mood, improved sense of well-being

• Holistic Medicine: non-narcotic mind-body intervention, pain management, symptom recovery and management (medical illness and behavioral)

The Services: Online Holistic Health and Wellness provides online services to parenting women and their families.

For women and their families before, during and after pregnancy or adoption, The online Perinatal Services Program (PSP) provides services, support tools and education. The program also supports co-parenting, partners, grandparents, and other caregivers. Emotional difficulties raising families, difficulties during pregnancy and in the postpartum periods are helped with professional assistance.

Common issues addressed:

Infertility evidence-based stress management: how to manage stress, depression & anxiety

• Prevent postpartum depression

• Coping with anxiety and depression during pregnancy

• Depression and anxiety postpartum care

• High-Risk symptom management support (High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, etc.)

• Nonnarcotic natural pain remedies to help you for pregnancy symptoms & childbirth

• Adjustment to life’s stressors

• Marital and relationship difficulties

• Bereavement

• Emotional Recovery after Traumatic birth

• Unexpected medical outcomes

• Special health care needs

• Grandparents raising grandchildren

• Adoption issues

Mindfulness living and meditation group (online relaxation training)

The Services: Online Holistic Health and Wellness provides online services to individuals, parents (Mindfulness Parenting) and their families.

Mindfulness living and meditation is a skill as old as time itself. Dive deep into relaxation techniques and achieve Mindfulness Living. Become aware of your thoughts, feelings and discover a "coherence" key to health and emotional wellness. Scientifically proven methods help you improve your health, restore emotional balance and prompt personal growth. If your suffering from Behavioral challenges benefits include nonnarcotic methods to reduce anger, anxiety, depression, stress and pain as well as improve positive mood, relationships and quality of life. The ancient wisdom of the past has a key for Mother's, A Mom's "coherence"  state directly impacts her child's physical and emotional health as well as an ability to reduce a child's pain. Women have an innate monitor to help their young. Join Us as we rekindle the ancient techniques revealing the secrets of the methods!

28 day course $260.00 Online Facilitator Training (four 30-minute telephone appointments) with download Relaxation techniques and cognitive communication exercises and worksheets you can access by PC, smartphone and tablet. Additional packages available, please call and ask for more information. Register by calling (814) 662 - 5338

Mindfulness, meditation and relaxation

Skills-based with focus on:

Development of effective mindfulness-based coping techniques with evidence-based benefits for stress, anxiety, depression and pain

• Amazing benefits include ability regulate a child’s emotions and pain

• Gain skills to improve, repair relationships

• Meditation promote health, recovery and well-being

• Gain personal growth

• Achieve coherence and spiritual growth

• Find inner-peace

• Use self-care techniques and positive self-talk

About Services Online Holistic Health and Wellness

Integrative holistic health and wellness is based on the full integration of states of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Integrative Mind-Body Health and Wellness Services: Call Us! We are the experts in Mind-Body Practices and Professional Training.

An Integrative Mind-Body Health and Wellness approach can help you in many ways. It draws from evidence-based methods, coaching psychology, positive psychology, adult learning theory, motivational interviewing (MI), and new findings in neuroscience. Mind-Body Wellness provides an action planning strategy that offers scientifically proven holistic methods with benefits to help you in multiple ways; ridding pain, reducing emotional and physical symptoms, slowing down progression of disease, restoring emotional and physical health, positive mood, memory, regaining attention and focus and quality of life.

Holistic Health and Wellness treats the whole person -- body, mind, spirit, and emotions – not just the symptoms or disease.

We combine Mind/Body & Emotional Behavior Expertise (physical and psychological changes that influence thought, behavior, health and well-being). This approach provides interventions and recovery action planned strategies to regain balance. Please ask about our In-Home Palliative Care offerings (cancer care, home-bound care needs).

(814) 662 - 5338.

Meet Us: Services Online Holistic Health and Wellness


Martha Watson PhD, CAMS II is an Alternative Behavior Consultant providing Integrative Health and Wellness Consulting and Coaching: Mind-Body, Psychophysiology, Social, Behavior, and Emotional Management expertise. Martha Watson PhD, offers an uncanny insight will get to the root of the situation to determine an action plan to resolve issues. You will not find her expertise elsewhere. Dr Martha is well renown for her ability to empower others to take the first step to restore balance to our mind and body. She is an author of over thirty professional behavioral health training programs, four skilled development books, and producer of cognitive-behavioral therapy videos and curriculum. She is the educational founder of Practitionerpro® and Therapy Resolution Practitionerpro®, a clinical method for treating psychopathology, psychophysiological disorders and all hardships in life through dialogue and self-regulated methods that link thoughts, health, and behavior directly related to emotional states dormant in the unconscious mind.

Insight Therapies LLC offers professional training, innovative behavioral techniques training to behavioral and allied health professionals, Guided Imagery Hypnotherapy Certification Training, Relaxation Therapist professional training, and an Anti-Bullying program for all ages, including methods for the special needs, including deaf and hearing impaired, and a curriculum for non-violence living that includes anger management, communication skills, stress management and cognitive approaches. Expertise is structured digital content (interactive content for any platform) of Civility Workforce, Stress, Behavioral Anti-Violence interventions to change behaviors and improve employee workforce, individual conduct, and community health.

Insight Therapies LLC specializing in Behavioral and Social Science disciplines is committed to strengthening families and providing holistic evidence-based behavior modification interventions through professional training and psycho-educational groups, outpatient therapy, family education, parent education, childbirth education, perinatal services and behavioral support services. Insight Therapies offers services in all venues, including online, traditional office visits, in clients’ homes, community care programs, schools, and working with other family-focused service centers and professionals.

Anger Management programs are approved for court and employee ordered assessments, classes and programs. Please call for Anger Management rates.

Additional services include:

Physician Anger Management and Coaching for Disruptive Behavior

• Corporate Anger Management (Managers, Executives and subordinates at all levels)

• Support to Professionals to Handle Disruptive Behavior, Policies, and Procedures Employee

Call (814) 662 – 5338 For a Free initial consult Today!

Online Appointment Request

To schedule an appointment by phone, please contact the office:

• Erie, PA: 814.662.5338 (9 a.m. – 4 p.m. ET, weekdays), (9 a.m. – 2 p.m. ET, Saturdays)

Services are delivered online by telephone with complimentary online resources and tools that work without additional software. Most devices (PC, smartphone, tablet) easily download our support tools and training inventories without any fuss or trouble.

In-person, on-site special requests are accepted depending upon our availability. Please ask about rates and availability. We offer online consulting, martial mediation, coaching, and home-study training.


Learn cutting-edge research-based tools and skills.

Our team can help your office expand into: Relaxation Techniques Training, Civility, Anti-Bullying, Anger Management, Perinatal Emotional Health and Wellness, Stress Management Services,  Childbirth and Parent Education.

Coach Your Patients – Work with us. Start your Program Today! We will facilitate your groups with easy start-up.

Coach Your Staff – Have us train your staff to help your existing members.

Expand Your Practice – Learn how to expand your services and income.

Expand your credentials; add a layer of education you won’t get in school.

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Women's Health and Family Wellness
Relaxation  NonViolence Training

Helping to build social-emotional and character development (SECD) skills and coping strategies producing positive character traits, relationships and behaviors. Welcome to PractionerPro® TEAM™ Together Everyone Accomplish More  

We train CBT Relaxation Techniques and Nonviolence Training to Professionals working with children, teens and adults to deliver the programs in clinical setting while we support community members and families in emotional health and wellness.

Parenting Education

" Our Kids Should Live Like This "

Stop Bullying & Violence and Harmful Effects of Stress

Discover: How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children

Heal Emotional Wounds

A Coherence Way of Life- Mindfulness Living

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