Relaxation Therapy Courses How the course works

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Relaxation Therapy at home in your spare time with PractionerPro® courses, convenient distance learning course.

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- Martha Watson PhD, Director of Education -  Relaxation Therapy Courses

Relaxation Therapy Courses How the course works

This is an inclusive training of relaxation therapies and cognitive restructuring exercises.

If you’re looking for one method with multiple benefits, you found your fit.

What Relaxation Techniques are taught?

Relaxation Therapy Courses How the course works

In this course you will learn all the fundamentals of effective mind-body approaches mastering basic concepts of hypnotherapy. Dive deep into a transformation experience.Start your new career today!
  • Autogenic Training
  • Breathing
  • Classical/Self-Hypnosis
  • Guided Imagery
  • Meditation (professional dialogue)
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Therapy Resolution, PractitionerPro® Methods
  • You don’t have to be online at any specific time during your course
  • The course training is at your own pace.

Stress can be overwhelming and physically and emotionally destructive. Learning techniques that can alleviate stress that  are scientifically proven to help you and others live healthier and longer lives.

Relaxation  Non Violence Training
Relaxation  Non Violence Training
Relaxation  Non Violence Training
Relaxation  NonViolence Training

Social and emotional skills, the key to achieve success in life.  How come we miss being taught this skill?

Did you know other countries don’t?

That is until now… Welcome to PractionerPro®

A Practical Training & Mobile Ready Toolkit for Today’s Working Therapist / Educator

Relaxation Therapies Training

Relaxation Therapy Courses How the course works

Product Description: Select Digital Download or CD package that contains Digital Files.

Experience, Learn, Start a New Career

• Prerecorded lectures and audio exercises are included within training manuals.

• Training consists of two courses, You will receive two training manuals

• Multiple choice examination is found at end of each manual

• You will have 3 months from your date of purchase to complete this training.

• Supervision, after training or earlier, two telephone appointments of support are required to ensure best results. Students can expect a verbal examination with emphasizes: script anatomy (professional dialogue), How-to-do methods, and demonstrating techniques with clinical review of (3) practiced sessions as well as any questions/review per request.

• Upon full completion of the course and supervision you become a licensed provider with eligibility of a diploma receive a certificate of completion.

• Staff Training Support with additional fee is available.

• Community classes, services, professional training, and mentoring are available.

• For questions about the online courses, or any other questions on how we may help you, please contact our support team at (814) 662 – 5338.

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