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Mind-Body-Behavior, Anger, Stress, Stress- Related Disorders AND ILLNESS, Emotional Health Specialty and relationship Mediation Expertise





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Whether you’re looking for support in Life’s Transition or just starting to feel concerned about your relationship, child’s behavior, or senior loved one, or you are suffering from a Health problem, stress, stress-related disorder or illness, or facing Relationship, Divorce, Co-parenting problems, Neuro-Coaching, Stress, Stress Management, Mind-body Integrative Health expertise, Anger Specialist and Relationship Mediator Expert, Martha Watson Ph.D., CAMS-II can help

Discover a Science application to Healthcare Helping you in Health, Behavior, Parenting, Caregiving and Relationships

Family services is designed to help ease some of the burdens of what is already challenging time in your life. Everyone experiences stress and challenges. Sometimes it leads to behavior and relationship problems, emotional health difficulties, and stress-related health problems. Get pro-active support to help you endure stress, cope, and build new skills, a model of Health and Wellbeing, modeling mindful living, healthy lifestyles, communication, and relationships.


We have helped hundreds of families and individuals in utilizing phone sessions and private video conferencing coaching sessions. We offer coaching support and programs that include videos, PDF's, or Audio formats. While some may be resistant to this approach, most are discovering they prefer it to traditional in-person appointments. According to research, telephone coaching works as well or better than meeting in person.

Phone Benefits


Convenience: No driving fuss, no parking, and less time spent on the commute and fits well with the busy schedules.

Support 24/7


24/7 Support: You get tools and resources through digital media working over the net. We can screen share with you to teach you how to work with our resources. Most of our programs offer digital media resources that you can access 24/7 when you need it most (available by internet connection using a smartphone, tablet or (PC) internet connection).



You can talk from the comfort of your own home or office, in an environment that is safe and nourishing. Our strategy is confirmed to have better results than in-person appointments

If you’d like to arrange a phone session to see how it works for you, please feel free to contact me at

(814) 662 - 5338.



Studies show that support over the telephone works, and may even work better than meeting in an office.

How often do we meet?


Family services offer several programs and scheduling options for you to choose (weekly support or contract time programs with additional support). Most prefer the programs with additional support and are relieved to find out that on-the-fly sessions are available when needed. We cannot predict the crises nor your time in need. Therefore, most prefer programs with additional support.

Additional Programs


Family Services Support offers individual private 28-day classes, monthly coaching programs, 8-week Caregiver support programs, and a 3-month Relationship Coaching, Parenting Transitional Support Program.

How do I get started?

You can call us at 814- 662- 5338

Domestic Relations Coaching, Consulting and Integrative Health Coaching

Bio Neuro-Coaching and Consulting ~ Integrative Health Coach ~ Anger Specialist ~ Relationship Mediator Expert

Martha Watson PhD, CAMS-II

(814) 662 – 5338. Family Service Programs is for Parents, Caregivers, Adults, and Seniors.

Services are offered Online via telephone conferencing. In-person appointments, retreat, Intensive requests accepted.

Consulting – A consultant is an authority who is appointed for professional guidance or to understand the problem and present solutions. Consulting provides action planning behavioral interventions- recommendations or solution-focused goal planning. Coaching typically does not offer suggestions, or authority guidance of behavioral interventions, usually, it is goal planning support.

Coaching - Coaching services are intended to promote personal, interpersonal, and personal, or professional growth and development, improve work performance and satisfaction and improve personal and professional relationships, increase civility, and foster health and family wellness solutions.

Domestic Relations Consulting and Legal Coaching is for individuals who are seeking support to assist individuals in legal and court proceedings; court prep, communication skill support, strategy, organization in law matter, who can’t afford, or don’t want to engage in costly legal expenses of a lawyer to run their entire case, but desire and need to maximize success.