PCSP Partnership offers referral management,

professional training, products and a family call in support helpline.

  • Family Support Line (Call In Support)
    Referral Management. Work with Me!
    Parent and Family Call in Support: Pregnancy, Parenting, Caregiving, Relationships.
      Help’s your community members in stress with emotional 

      support from a trained advocate.

Help for the family members of your organization is just a phone
call away –
  • Professional Caregiver Training 

      Relaxation Techniques to Reduce Stress | Guided Imagery & Relaxation Techniques Training Material for Trainers‎

  •  Professional Relaxation Therapies Certification
Relaxation Therapy | Mind Body Practices | Hypnotherapy
  • Family Services  
         Emotion, Anger, Stress and Health Patient Education Strengthening Families & Transforming Lives
  • Ready-to-use Programs and Activities:
    • Anti-Bullying | Character Education Workshops Working with Kids, Adults, Special Needs including Hearing Impaired
    • Relaxation Therapies | Manage Pain, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Memory, and Mood without Narcotics all by your Smartphone or Tablet.

Insight Therapies LLC is a privately-held publisher specializing in Behavioral and Social Science disciplines. The ready-to-use programs foster community wellness: addressing stress and behavioral interventions that promote civility, emotional health, and emotional development.

Treatment Models: Behavior change, treatment of stress-related problems, and mind-body health utilizing the connection between mind and body to improve health and build resilience and including cognitive-behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, interpersonal therapy, ego state therapies such as Internal Family Systems, and mindfulness-based acceptance approaches.

Parent and Caregiver Support Partners offers

• Nonnarcotic Behavioral Health Alternatives

• Nonopioid

Nonpharmacological Pain Management


Become Our Partner: Clinical & Family are Key in Addressing Drug and Mental Health Epidemics Call (814) 662 - 5338.

HR-Workplace Services ~ Consulting ~ Training ~Leadership Kits ~ Community Programs


We Offer:

Corporate Training Materials: Printable, customizable, training materials

Referral Management: Partner with the Department of Health and Human Services, and Child and Family Community-based Services, National Organizations, Foundations, Government Partners, Federal, State & Local, University, and School Partners

Professional Training: Relaxation Therapies Certification & Professional Caregiver Training

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The Magnetic Heart Program Partnership and

Insight Therapies LLC Professional Services

Coach | Consulting | Professional Service

Mission and Goal Statement

Our mission is to stop violence, bullying, and the harmful effects of stress. Promote body-mind-spirit healing and wellness to those in which we touch. Our goal is to foster stress endurance through a family-focused approach preventing the rise of violence (bullies, mental & behavioral health problems, substance abuse, suicide), broken homes, infant mortality and child development delays, failing health and mental disorders in older adults, individuals, and families at emotional health risk.

Insight Therapies LLC

HR-Workplace Services ~ Consulting ~ Training ~Leadership Kits ~ Community Programs

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Train with Us, Purchase our Products or Refer to Us

Referral Program

• Call (814) 662 – 5338 referral partner programs to work with us.

• We offer online tracking for your referrals and refer in the method that works for you.

Family Advocacy Services Available to Your Organization ~ Sponsor Us

Pregnancy- Reduce Miscarriage: Boost Higher IQ, Optimal Health for Baby-to-Be

Maternity Care- Prevent Miscarriage, Prevent Postpartum Depression, Nonnarcotic alternatives: anxiety and depression

Parent Education- Stress prevention and intervention strategies and exercises to reduce the risk of substance abuse, child development delay, and behavioral problem

Caregivers Stress- Improve Relationships, Health and Maintain Stamina

Senior Care:  Brain Health Exercises 55+ improve health, lower cortisol, prevent memory loss and improves mental function.

Toxic Family Support – Coping with disruptive behavior, impulse control, combative behavior, anger

Relationship- Practical strategies strengthening relationships between care receiver & care giver to help reduce caregiver stress

Marriage Mediation, Family Mediation, Couples Marriage Counseling - Consulting & Coaching combined with skill-building activities

Professional  Training 

Relaxation Therapist Training

Midwives, Nurses Mind-Body Medicine

      Post Postpartum Support Training

Child life Specialist Guided Imagery Training

      Mind-Body Integrative Medicine

A Practical Toolkit for Doulas

Partner Program 

Clinical & Community Leader Referral Program  

  • Stress Management Referral Program
  • Clinical Relaxation Therapies Referral Program: pain, anxiety, stress, depression
  • Perinatal Referral Program
  • Court & Employee Ordered Anger Management
  • Violence Risk Assessment
  • Psychosomatic, Somatoform Disorders
  • Nonnarcotic Pain Management

        Please call (814) 662 - 5338

Anger Management  Intervention Services

Anti-Bullying and Anti-Violence Intervention Resources

Workshop Kits

Clinician Training

Referral Program

Legal Arena Coach

Divorce Coaching

Communication Coaching : Prepare for litigation, criminal/family law.

Physician Litigation Stress Medical Malpractice Support

Coach | Consulting | Professional Service

Welcome to the DIGITAL HEALTHCARE AGE - Let Us Help 

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Parenting Education

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