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Professional Relaxation Therapy Home-Study Course

Relaxation Therapist Training and Mobile Ready Starter Kit

working with Kids, Teens & Adults

Learn Integrative Medicine: Therapy Resolution, PractitionerPro®, a how-to-do training complete with customizable templates, business portfolio, and toolkit for working with children, teens, and adults.

Delivery: Homestudy

Certification: Relaxation Therapist

License: Certification Licensed PractitionerPro® Provider

Course: Relaxation Therapies Training & Student Starter Kit working with Children, Teens, Adults

No prerequisite: Designed for both licensed and non-licensed professionals

Professional Relaxation Therapy Course Description

Relaxation Therapies home-study training is for Consultants, Coaches, Health Educators, Teachers,  Clinical and Community Service Professionals.

Templates included are designed for both licensed and unlicensed clinicians working with pediatric, teen and adult care. Develop Motivational Interviewing Skills, Stress Management, Mindfulness and Mind-Body Practices, Interpersonal Skills, and a working knowledge of how-to-do Goal Planning, Accountability Management, Relaxation techniques including Guided Imagery, Autogenic training, Meditation exercises, Diaphragmatic Breathing techniques., and more. Get a student starter kit to launch a career with everything you need to deliver in-person therapy, virtual or mobile coaching. Practice hands-on exercises as you listen to audio lectures and exercises guiding you step-by-step. Curriculum structure: Your training consists of two in-depth relaxation training courses. Begin education with Guided Imagery therapeutic training for mastering the art of communicative dialogue, creating hypnotic (deep relaxation) scripts and expand skills learning Therapy Resolution and several relaxation techniques such as Guided Imagery, Hypnosis, Biofeedback Assisted Relaxation, Deep Breathing or Breathing Exercises, Progressive Relaxation, Autogenic Training, Self-Hypnosis (Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation Techniques). Read and study two course training manuals containing prerecorded lectures and audio examples of Relaxation Techniques, as well as templates for conducting individual, group and workshops; a business portfolio, and a helpful Q & A tutorial guide for the quiz. Practice hands-on exercises as you listen to audio lectures and exercises guiding you step by step. Training includes audios and PDF documents to ensure the best learning experience and course completion certificate. Home-study training is your starting point for earning certification. Request supervision after course completion to get the certification.PractitionerPro® training provides audio examples to illustrate the methods and techniques, as well as data to support their effectiveness.

Relaxation Therapist Training

Become a Relaxation Therapist

Dive deep into studying ancient wisdom of the past combined with modern psychological tools of the present ...
Welcome to PractitionerPro®

Student Starter Kit Working with Kids, Teens, and Adults

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Professional Relaxation Therapy Course

Promote relaxation with scientifically proven methods to reduce anger, anxiety, depression, stress and pain as well as improve positive mood and quality of life.

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relaxation training

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Add-on (optional): $300 Phone Supervision (2 hours) - Your Certification Process. Upon completion of home study request supervision by calling  (814) 662 - 5338. You then will receive a  PayPal payment request. Licensed Provider Certification, $125 (Annual renewal allows you to continue to work with a student starter kit for only $10 a month!).  No hidden additional fees. Please call for Site & Group Licensing/Subscriptions.

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Become a Relaxation Therapist

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Evidence-based Benefits

Neurocoaching, Meditation, Mindfulness & Relaxation 

Promote relaxation with scientifically proven methods to reduce anger, anxiety, depression, stress, and pain as well as improve positive mood, memory, and quality of life.

Fully Customizable Student Starter Kit Training Materials

Welcome to the digital health revolution | Kits designed for today's working professionals. Tablet, Computer and Smartphone Tool Kit


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Research : Savings & Efficacy Healthcare Resource

HealthCare Savings expected cost savings of $1,500 - $60,200/patient/year. 


This home-study training provides new career opportunities for unlicensed professionals to work in multidisciplinary care. It expands credentials by comprehensive training in (CAM) Relaxation technique therapies. We raise the standards in education to provide optimal care. Teaching You How to Integrate Mind-Body-Spirit to Create the Life You Want to Live while Helping Others Succeed.

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Hypnotherapy Billing

Hypnotherapy Billing

Consult and PDF eBook. Do not undercut your income. Buy now!  Call for scheduling. Payment request will be sent via PayPal after scheduling. Get 60 minute consult and eBook. $125.00 for our current students and $250.00 for individuals not enrolled in our studies.

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