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                 Relaxation - Mind-Body Therapies | Fast Results and Easy to Learn

Scientifically proven methods to help you reduce anxiety, depression, stress and pain as well as improve positive mood and quality of life. 2014 review published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Insight Therapies LLC offers skills and training that are fast, simple to learn, and essential elements for emotional and physical health. It’s all through a science approach called PractitionerPro® Mind-Body Therapies teaching, “Where the mind goes the body and behavior will follow, a spiritual growth in motion. The body, mind and spirit are connected; health is an organic harmony of our psychological and physiological being, fostering our capability of awareness otherwise known as our consciousness."- Dr Martha Watson Author, Founder and Trainer of PractitionerPro®


Ease Anxiety, Mental Stress – Build Resiliency

Relaxation ~ Mind-Body ~ Therapies                

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combining social and emotion self-regulation skills that focuses on stress, cognitive-behavioral stress management, mind-body medicine, emotional intelligence, anger/disruptive behavior, violence, and bullying interventions

What is Mind-Body? 

The mind-body concept of medicine understands that emotional and mental factors can affect one’s physical health through the interconnections of the body’s hormone, nervous, and immune systems. Under this concept, various techniques including psychological, social, behavioral, and spiritual methods are employed to maintain health, prevent disease, and treat illness. There is abundant evidence to support the concept of mind-body healing.

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The treatment model is a combined biopsychosocial model (BPS) approach that employs mind-body therapies (e.g., Cognitive-Behavioral Hypnotherapy: behavioral, psychological, social, communicative and spiritual approaches, biofeedback, guided imagery, and meditation) and a combination of stress management, coping skills training, cognitive restructuring, self-regulated skills interventions and relaxation therapy. The imperative methods provide emotional self-regulation skills to help us manage our emotions and cope with life’s challenges.

PractitionerPro® methods offers evidence-based care used as aids in childbirth and to treat headaches, chronic pain, insomnia, incontinence, and coronary artery disease. The techniques also help in preparing patients for surgery and enable cancer patients to cope with the symptoms and rigors of cancer treatment. Mind-body techniques are also used in treating hypertension, asthma, and tinnitus, as well as all other health and emotional disorders (anxiety and panic attacks, depression, etc.,) one might suffer.

Where The Mind Goes, The Body and Behavior Will Follow

PractitionerPro® offers mind-body interventions and practices that "employ a nonnarcotic variety of techniques.” Your thoughts and emotions have a direct relationship to your stress level and even your potential for illness. Our emotional responses to life’s challenges events can lead us into states of tension and chronic stress that can, over time, impact our physical health. When we respond strongly to stress over and over again, our ability to heal becomes impaired and medical problems arise. Applied behavioral science can address this situation by providing the tools we need to reduce tension and stress and balance the complex web of interactions taking place in our emotions, thoughts, and physiological responses.

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Fast Results: Family, School, and Community Interventions

One of the biggest issues today is the rise in stress and violence, including the addiction to alcohol or drugs. Communities need more than ever non-narcotic action plans in which members can gain practical skills, interventions and coping skills activities. Mind-body approaches improve overall health and build adaptability to help you feel better emotionally by reducing stress, preventing disease, and improving both mental and physical health.

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Become Our Partner: Prompt intervention, recovery and endurance by action planning to provide emotional and physical health benefits, Build self-care skills for Pediatric and Adult oriented care. Digital media and facilitator management is available through sponsorship partner groups, and a variety of virtual and/or onsite instructor led training, seminars and online learning lab partnerships. Become our Partner in Learning (Open Learning Services Architecture Partners, IT Partners, LMS Partners (including Moodle providers), training providers and HR programs for on-the-job application of new knowledge and skills and employee health and wellness and anger management policies and programs. 

Using Technology as a Learning Tool, and Student Digital Media Kit for the management of stress, pain and relaxation

These online training, events and media remain available on-demand to remote community members, students and distance learners from any device, at any time, any location.

Relaxation  Non Violence Training
Relaxation  Non Violence Training
Relaxation  Non Violence Training
Relaxation  NonViolence Training

Helping to build social-emotional and character development (SECD) skills and coping strategies producing positive character traits, relationships and behaviors. … Welcome to PractionerPro®

A Practical Training & Mobile Ready Toolkit for Self-Help and Today’s Working Therapist / Educator

What can PractitionerPro® help you with?

Non-Pharmacological Pain Management - It’s the law to offer alternatives to opioids for treatment and management of acute and chronic pain. Who is affected? Physicians, dentists, optometrists, podiatrists, physician assistants, certified nurse midwives, or advanced practice nurses authorized to prescribe controlled substances.

Anxiety/Mental/Physical Health - Relaxation Techniques reduce anxiety, reduce everyday stress, boost your energy and mood, and improve your mental and physical health.

Anger - The use of Relaxation Therapy approaches for anger management is evidence-based and a blue-print in prevention, intervention and recovery.

Stress - Relaxation is the anecdote for stress management.

Aftercare - Substance and alcohol abuse recovery - Recovering from an addiction can gain benefits from using relaxation techniques. these techniques can aid in recovery to regulate emotions, disengage triggers, improve problem solving skills (coping skills) and improve relationships.

Work and Employee Assistance Programs - A convenient and efficient way to help your employees better manage life’s everyday challenges.

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace - Understand other people’s emotions and learn how to manage your emotions.

Interpersonal Skills - A prerequisite to improve attitude, tolerance, and building respect for others.

Comprehensive School Counseling Program - Ensure that every child learns in a safe, healthy and supportive environment: reduce stress, resolve conflict, improve communication, increase intimacy, build understanding, while promoting health, happiness and well-being.

JCAHO, HFAP, VA/VHA Compliance Mandate

Cognitive behavioral or relaxation training is a mandatory compliance program with accredited hospitals working with professionals.

JCAHO: Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

HFAP: American Osteopathic Association Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program

VA/VHA: Department of Veterans Affairs working with Veterans Health Administration

Powerful tools, which have changed the way technology has been integrated through the academic, counseling, healthcare and community leader's world.

More issues PractitionerPro® can address ...

•  Health and Wellness: Well renown in success working with habits, tobacco cessation, weight loss, childbirth, and stress management.

Integrative Medicine: Mind-Body medicine, scientifically proven to institute physiological balance biological and biochemical reactions to an individual.

Learning Enhancement and Memory: Relaxation Techniques are efficacious to improve learning, increase memory and improve confidence.

Integrative mental health /Emotional and behavioral disorders: Stress management strategies, relaxation training, coping skills, self-efficacy intervention strategies with empirical evidence.

Trauma, Emotional Recovery, Stress Related Disorders: A blueprint action benefit for body and mind. Skills are easy to use and to teach to master emotional control reducing stress using minimal effort.

Insomnia, Sleep Disorders: Attain the relaxation response, a key sleep disorder intervention to decrease over-arousal ridding insomnia, stress, worry, anxiety and muscle tension.

Cardio/Pulmonary: Relaxation techniques offer rapid avenues to lower BP, build immune system, and provide relief for respiratory/pulmonary care.

Spiritual Care/ Palliative Care: From Symptom control to spiritual awareness, improving quality life.

End-of-Life and Hospice Care: Reduce anxiety and put minds and bodies at ease.

Criminal Justice: Evidence-based practices to stop recidivism rates, reduce violence and aggression. Disengage high arousal, manage emotions, and painful emotional experiences, increase empathy, improve consciousness, health, and emotional balance.

Insight Therapies LLC offers training books, curricular resources, therapy materials, and Toolkits. Discover Train-the-Trainer leadership programs and student kits (Digital products, and activities for mobile and web) for therapists, leaders and educators.

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Learn cutting-edge research-based tools and skills.

Our team can help your office expand into Relaxation Therapies.

Coach Your Patients – Work with us. Start your Program Today! We will facilitate your groups with easy start-up.

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Expand Your Practice – Learn how to expand your services and income to offer Relaxation Therapies – Expand your credentials; add a layer of education you won’t get in school.

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Using Technology as a Learning Tool, and Student Digital Media Kit for the management of stress, pain and relaxation

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Evidence-Based Methods: Scientifically proven to reduce healthcare utilization & efficacious chronic pain therapy, improving cardiovascular parameters, anxiety, chronic stress, menopausal symptoms, promoting positive health behaviors substantially. Request mind-body medicine professional Training & Appointment:

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