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Relaxation Therapist Certification ~ Health Coach Certification

We offer Relaxation Therapist training for clinical applications to work with patients (pediatrics, adolescents, adults, perinatal care) and Health Coach training programs that support peers and patient families (maternity care, caregivers of seniors and children). Target stress, disruptive behavior, and the harmful effects of stress and leverage the risk of mental and physical health, and addiction epidemics Request training, learning, and professional development consulting with Insight Therapies LLC. For more information or registration request call (814) 662 - 5338.

Register to become a Relaxation Therapist, Health Coach by personal interest or partner your organization with us for Peer Leadership Program, Parent and Caregiver Support Partner Project, Maternity Stress and Leadership Certification, Clinical Relaxation Therapist or Health Coach Certification.

Training is for Consultants, Coaches, Health Educators, Teachers, Clinical and Community Service Professionals. Format: Home-study and Partner Staff Training: flexible learning environments for the busy professional.

Partner Staff Training: 

Digital Media and Resources for Today's Working Professional

Teach simple stress-relief and resilience-building skills with PractitionerPro®, a Self-Management Health Coach Program working with kids, adults, and seniors with stress, anxiety, anger, depression, pain, memory and focus problems (stress and stress-related disorders) by your smartphone, tablet or PC.  Insight Therapies LLC offers ready-to-use programs included in our student starter kits for organizations large and small and consulting to start programs in localities to help professional organizations provide programs to their members.

Partner Staff Training Structure

 Home-Study & Staff Support Training Certification 

Train-the-Trainer | Global Outreach

Relaxation Therapist Certification: Relaxation Therapist certification model requires a 20-week Teleconference training, supervision and quarterly professional development meetings and quarterly professional development meetings. The formula ensures administration pledges of success to a Partner.

Health Coach Certification: Health Coach Certification Health Coach certification model requires a 20-week Teleconference training, supervision and quarterly professional development meetings and quarterly professional development meetings. The formula ensures administration pledges of success to a Partner.

Certification Licensed Provider

The certification model requires a student to participate in 2-hour teleconference supervision. Certification ensures administration ethical practice of standards that supports success to a Partner.


Part of social change is changing economics. Become a Trainer

The Train-the-Trainer certification model requires 40-hour teleconference training. Students are required to be certified Licensed Providers. Registrants must have a minimum of one year of experience working in the field. Program is limited to 6 participants to secure an individualized focus on participants.

Stress Hotline Global Outreach

Out-Reach Support, provide call-in-support to your community or organization.

The Global outreach is for participants who are certified licensed providers to actively engage in their community by providing call in-support to individuals in need suffering stress in their communities. Global outreach program offers community members digital media stress management tools and call-in support to community members. Supervision, staff support quarterly meetings by contract ensures administration an action planned oriented structure that pledges success to a Partner.

         STRESS HOTLINE Program Description: Stress relief help-line services blend anger management, coaching,    

          stress management, and interpersonal skills to help those suffering from negative stress. Stress may harm

          your physical, mental, and emotional health. Mentally, stress can interfere with memory, concentration,

          learning, and decision-making. Emotionally, stress may affect the way you interact with others, co-workers,

          family members, and others around you. Offer a help-line in your community or organization to help others

          learn the necessary skills they need to live a happier, less stressful life. Stress Support Line helps those coping

          with stress epidemic in society. Stress support line supports individuals, families, pregnancy, co-workers, and

          caregivers dealing with stress.

Contract agreements are available.

Licensing restrictions apply, the student starter kit is strictly confined to a client-centered approach, and not available for resale or public promotion. Student starter kits, and training materials and all content of programs are licensed not sold.

Partner Program offers varieties for flexibility! Call Today!

Programs offer a grassroots approach from the inside out, starting with one student, one partner at a time. Together let's end stress and the harmful effects affecting communities.

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Dr Martha & Parker

For more information or to make a request call Martha Watson, Ph.D., CAMS II, Stress, Bullying & Anger Management Specialist Distance Education Coordinator (814) 662 – 5338

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Hoping can't end stress or the harmful effects -  but together we can!