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Parent and Caregiver Support Partner Project

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PCSP Partnership ~Parent and Caregiver Support Partner Project

Parent and Caregiver Support Partner (PCSP) Model is a Pennsylvania Statewide and National Initiative partnership opportunity to the Department of Health and Human Services, and Child & Family community-based services. PCSP welcomes Community Leader Partners, State, and Federal Partnerships. PCSP offers National Training certification psychoeducational programs and activities partnerships. PCSP Program partners are the Department of Health and Human Services, Child and Family Community-based Services, National Organizations, Foundations, Government Partners, Federal, State & Local, University, School Partners, Behavioral Health Professionals, Mental Health, and Community Services Family Service Providers.

PCSP Partnership program project offers Relaxation Therapist and Health Coach Certification training programs. The PCSP curricula training programs are for clinical and community-based service providers.

Students study in depth Relaxation techniques training with a focus to work with Parents and Caregivers. Graduates of the programs work with the caregiver to train them to be the coach of their family or loved one. Caregivers become therapeutic change agents. With this exceptional meditation program, working in mind-body medicine, you’ll develop confidence and skills to deliver a meditation practice working with both children and adults to teach meditation, and relaxation techniques to others. Register Today for Home-Study Training You get a customizable starter kit that delivers Meditation, Mindfulness & Guided Imagery exercises in a family-focused approach that expands into developing Interpersonal skills. A Complete starter kit gives you all the tools you need for a fast start-up: Patient /Trainer Workbook, child/adult brochures, audios, videos (with the ability to play captions or not for hearing impaired), music, and workbooks (workshop ready): How to Handle Anger, Stress, and Assertiveness Training.

We partner for Parent and Caregiver Professional involvement to be employed and utilized in services for medical and mental health treatment plans as well as instituting community-based services with a tier-structured caregiver training program. Professional service offerings include staff consulting, coaching, education, professional development, program ready resources, and consulting.

PCSP Partnership ~Parent and Caregiver Support Partner Project

Parent and Caregiver Support Project improves the therapeutic process for a child or senior. PCSP enhances services for a clinician, case manager, or a treatment provider. PCSP offers action planning increasing the outcome for medical and behavioral health treatment and Family Service processes. Applications are preventative care and intervention adjunct methods helping a whole-family approach for individuals and caregivers.

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PSCP fosters health, relationships and meets the challenges facing children and seniors mental, medical health, and behavioral problem needs.

The methods are documented to reduce healthcare costs. PSCP addresses expectancy of caregivers themselves of becoming diseased after seven years after enduring caregiver stress.   Health Care Savings Click to Read  Click to download

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What do Parent and Caregiver Project Partners Do?

Parent and Caregiver Project Partners institute Health Coach programs into clinical treatment and community service programs. Health Coach's skills include Motivational Interviewing Skills, Stress Management, Mindfulness, Mind-Body Practices, Interpersonal Skills, and Accountability management. The skills facilitated by a Health Coach foster stamina and optimal health for both the caregiver and care receiver.

          • Health Coach's work with Parent and Caregivers so they become a therapeutic agent of the treatment team

          • Support parent’s and family member’s participation in family-centered practices

          • Participates by assisting in the accountability of treatment goals and with action planning of activities, and  

             development of goals and family- planning process

         • Interacts by assisting support within the Person-Centered/Family Centered Plan

Parent/Caregiver Professionals Work in Person, or by Mobile Coaching

Parent and Caregiver (Health Coach) professionals work in-person or remote by using the PractitionerPro® Mobile Coaching Program Toolkit that does the work for you! The toolkit teaches relaxation techniques by interactive exercises: videos, audios, music, patient-care kits, workbooks, and worksheets. The relaxation activities (Guided Imagery, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Soothing Music, Meditation Aids) and Deep Breathing exercises are relatively brief (15 - 20 minutes). The Mobile toolkit program expands with Interpersonal Skill Building Lesson activities that include Anger Management, Assertiveness Training, Stress self-guided worksheets. Interpersonal skill building activities may be supplemental for self-help or run as stand-alone programs or workshops.

Treatment Model

The treatment model is a combined CBT approach that employs relaxation, cognitive, and communication skills interventions (Interpersonal Skills).

The Goal & Result

Caregivers develop the new skills and resources that reflect in confidence in caregiving senior care or parenting a child.

Caregivers of seniors and children have a new role of significant importance helping to improve patient care by fostering activities promoting physical and emotional health, behavior, brain health, and memory. PCSP Partnership fosters building skills for Caregivers and Parents through activities and exercises that promote health and wellness working with all ages including pregnancy, maternity care.

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What is Involved in the PCSP Certification Process?

The Health Coach certification model requires a 20-week Teleconference training and 2-hour teleconference supervision with quarterly professional development meetings. The formula ensures administration pledges of success to a Partner.

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What is Required of Family Service Providers, Community Leaders and Community Mental Health Agencies That Offer PCSC Services?

      Supervision of Parent and Caregiver Support services is provided by Partners who:

    • Hold working knowledge and contact with families that receive PCSP services

    • Ability to direct clinical treatment goals

    • Assists clinical staff to implement PCSP’s into the treatment team, and goal planning development, etc.

    • Provide individual clinical supervision to the PCSP

       The expectation of the Supervisor is to assure PCSC intervention-based services into a treatment goal.

  • Parent and Caregiver Support Partners will work in partnership with the therapist and treatment team to assist families, bridge health, and development skills to Partner Patrons.
  • Provide payment and supplies needed to implement PCSP training and services including Staff and Personnel time for training, quarterly meetings, coaching, and on-going support. Access to a computer or digital device with internet access, including workplace items needed
How this Helps your Patient/Client

The program offers a Goal-Oriented Hands on Practical Approach prompting health benefits, self-regulation, stress reduction, and stress management relief benefits for both caregivers and patient care. The program presents powerful action planning to combine family members in treatment plans to act as change-agents supporting their child or senior parent or loved one. Caregivers learn the skills and teach others, improving coping skills that effectively manage stress and the stress response that often leads to improved health and behavior. Skills learned are relaxation, communication, and problem-solving. Relaxation skills,research-based methods facilitate "coherence." A Caregiver in a heart-coherent state can positively influence the physiological state of others by the magnetic heart field. The program brings forefront new approaches and roles of family members beyond traditional therapies improving health, relationships, and communication skills.


Promote relaxation with scientifically proven methods to reduce anger, anxiety, depression, stress, and pain as well as improve positive mood, memory, and quality of life.

Contact Us 

For more information or to make a request call Martha Watson, Ph.D., CAMS II, Stress, Bullying & Anger Management Specialist

Distance Education Coordinator (814) 662 – 5338

Insight Therapies LLC

Insight Therapies LLC

Mission and Goal Statement

Our mission is to stop violence, failing health, the harmful effects of stress promoting body-mind-spirit healing and wellness to those in which we touch. Our goal is to foster stress endurance by a family-focused approach preventing the rise of violence (bullies, mental & behavioral health problems, substance abuse, suicide), broken homes, infant mortality, child development delays, failing health and mental disorders impacting individuals and families.

We believe in the power of a parent and caregiver, the strength - influence on family, and the positive beneficial effects it can shape our society.

We are dedicated to supporting caregivers of cancer care, palliative care, hospice, and families facing Caregiver and Parenting stress.

Our program combines both Person-Centered and Family-Centered care that changes a Caregivers' traditional role and institutes family members acting as a "change-agent" helping their child, senior, or loved one.  We focus on the Caregiver that provides direct care to children, seniors, or the chronically ill. Caregivers may be partners, family members, or close friends. Call Today! Become our Partner! Start a Caregiver Program that benefits both the caregiver and care receiver that fosters health and wellness, and includes approaches to comfort and dignity, and spiritual concerns. Get home-study training for Caregivers and open in-home or remote support programs to your patients and caregivers by a psycho-educational approach.

Hoping can’t end the struggle of stress and the harmful effects impacting families – But together we can.