Helping with the Opioid Epidemic, Rise of Stress, Disruptive Behavior, and Relationship Problems Impacting Communities and Families

Discover Nonnarcotic Scientifically proven methods to help you reduce anger, anxiety, depression, stress and pain as well as improve positive mood and quality of life

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I’m a Stress, Stress Management, Anger Expert, Mind-Body Specialist, and Curriculum Program Author. We recognize the role of advocacy in promoting better health and the importance of the family* in the patient's life promoting better health fostering emotional development and emotional wellness solutions for epidemics affecting communities.

Dr Martha

Hi, I'm Martha Watson, Ph.D.

Child Advocate & Alternative Health Care Advocate & Peace Activist

We believe in the power of a parent, the strength - influence on family, and the positive benefit effects to our society.

Join us become a partner work in a whole unit approach for client care.
We offer referral management, professional training, and ready-to-use programs.

Prevent, and respond to epidemics in communities with latest evidence-based nonnarcotic, nonopioid methods scientifically proven to reduce anger, anxiety, depression, stress, and pain as well as improve positive mood, memory, and quality of life.

Mission and Goal Statement

Our mission is to stop violence, bullying, and the harmful effects of stress. Promote body-mind-spirit healing and wellness to those in which we touch. Our goal is to foster stress endurance through a family-focused approach preventing the rise of violence (bullies, mental & behavioral health problems, substance abuse, suicide), broken homes, infant mortality and child development delays, failing health and mental disorders in older adults, individuals, and families at emotional health risk.

Changing the landscape of Patient & Family-focused care in:

Non-Narcotic Treatments for Stress, Pain, Memory and Focus, Depression, Anxiety

Nonopioid Treatments for Chronic Pain

Substance Abuse Aftercare

Mind and Body Approaches for Stress

Early Brain Development and Health

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Memory Loss

Anti-Bullying, A Curriculum for NonViolent Living

Anti-Bullying Prevention, Bullying, and Youth with Disabilities and Special Health Needs

Anti-bullying for Deaf and Hearing Impaired

Impulsive Behaviors and Impulsive Control Disorders Intervention

Anger Management

Interpersonal Skill Building

Community Education & Training

Relaxation and Nonviolent Ready to Use Training Programs and Community Support Programs

Insight Therapies LLC educational presentations, products, and specialized training programs encompass our vision and mission statement. Programs are tailored to the type of audiences we assist and managed by size, content, and length of time required for the presentation.

Ready-to-use programs are offered by two types of educational events, Professional Training and Family Service Support for your community organization members described below. Contact our Staff to provide information about the following topics including how providers may refer our resources and gain access to services. Presentations are appropriate for all age groups and family care needs.

Community Education Categories:


* Senior Programs

* Pregnancy & Maternity Care

* Relationships

* Health

* Spirituality

* Parent

* Caregiver

Training, Products, Programs, and Family Service Support includes media resources accessible by PC, smartphones, and tablets (PDF Workbooks, Handouts, Leader Aids, Audios, and Videos).

Professional Training

Relaxation and Nonviolent Ready to Use Training Programs and Community Support Programs

Professional training programs are home-study self-paced learning formats. Staff supervision and support are available by request. Fee structure by the hour(s):

1 hour: $100

2 hours: $175

3 hours: $225

The amounts above are an estimated cost fee and do not include program product cost. Select a product platform. We offer all types of deliveries for our ready-to-use programs including in person, online (digital), and form fillable programs allowing automatic and digital access accessible to most digital devices including smartphones. PCs and tablets. Staff will provide training to professionals on the topic areas listed below. The training will include product, program lecture consisting of an overview of the topic area, approaches, and techniques in working with specific populations/issues. Rates may vary, depending on the training length and product selection.

Family Service Offerings, Ready-to-Use Programs, Professional Training and Consulting

Pregnancy Stress Management & Infancy Brain Development and Health

• Pregnancy Postpartum Depression Complementary Alternative Treatment

• Pregnancy CAM for Anxiety, Depression, Memory & Focus

• Prevent Post-Partum Depression & Nonopioid Childbirth

• Nonopioid Treatments for Pain

• Non-narcotic Behavioral Health

• ASD/ASC Stress Busters (Autism spectrum or autism spectrum condition

• Kids Stress Relief (Adolescents)

• Caregiver/Parent Stress Relief

• Mindful Parenting & Caregiving

• Caregiver Coherence

help your Child or Elderly Loved One with

behavioral problems or medical health conditions

• Interpersonal Skills: Anger, Stress, and Assertiveness

• Parent/Child Anti-Bullying Program & Activities (Adolescents and


• Special Needs, Hearing-Impaired, Anti-Bullying Program & Activities

• Therapeutic Interventions Anti-Bullying Programs & Activities

• Cyber-Bullying & Anti-Bullying, Leader Training Materials

• Video & Workshop Curriculum for Nonviolence (Child/Teen/Adult)

• Senior Brain Health Exercises

• Deep Breathing Exercises for Cardiac Health, Memory, and Mood

A Formula for Social Change

Train-The-Trainer | Become a Licensed Provider

We train leaders to offer community programs and training provider programs. Our curriculum, a Person-centered & Family-centered Care and Peer Support program is a solution to make a social and economic change.

Train-the-Trainer programs allow low-cost educational career opportunities for our communities. We understand in order to make an effective change it requires a formula of Family Advocacy Support and Services, and low-cost career start-up opportunities.

Become a Partner! For more information or to make a request, please call (814) 662 – 5338

Promote Social & Emotional Health: Emotional Self-Regulation

manage behavior, emotions & thoughts)

Train as a Relaxation Therapist | Stress Coach Training

Professional Relaxation Therapy Course & Starter Kit Working with Children, Teen & Adult

Relaxation Therapist – Self Paced Home Study Program

Manage Pain, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, and Mood without Narcotics all by your Smartphone or Tablet.

☻ Certification: Relaxation Therapist

Work with all ages offering Relaxation Techniques for clinical practice or teaching workshops and programs. Get a comprehensive training learning how-to-do professional relaxation therapies. Professional Relaxation Therapists are both certified and licensed professionals uniquely qualified to address the developmental needs of all participants.

Treatment Model: CBT approach that employs relaxation, cognitive, and communication skills interventions.

Non-opioid and Nonnarcotic Behavioral Health Addressing Community Epidemic Needs

What Providers and Leaders Should Know to Improve Community Healthcare.

Latest cutting-edge, researched documented methods having a profound impact on medical and behavioral health.

Patient Care

Psychoeducation for illness & addiction

• Benefits offer scientifically proven methods to reduce anger, anxiety, depression, stress, and pain as well as improve positive mood and quality of life

• New opioid law required training! Non-Addictive, Non-narcotic solutions

Family Focused Approach

Pioneer “Whole Unit” Approach

Increase patient care success. Family members “coherent” presence positively affects others by “the magnetic heart.” A physiological balance influence to others, backed by research is proven to lower pain, reduce anxiety and stress, and prompt both physical and emotional health in others.

Pregnancy ~ Maternity Care

Baby and Health Family Advocacy

Reduce Miscarriage, Boost Higher IQ, and Optimal Health for Baby-to-Be. A family-focused approach offers benefits for both mom and baby-to-be. Imperative methods stop the harmful consequences of stress.

• Applications: Prevent Postpartum Depression, Non-narcotic management: anxiety and depression, Non-opioid pain management and childbirth methods.

• Mom’s benefits include reducing the risk of miscarriages, working with addictions, offering Non-opioid Pain, Non-narcotic Behavioral health alternatives for depression, anxiety, psychosomatic, and somatoform disorders.

• Baby-to-be’s benefits include; Boost Higher IQ, Optimal Health, Reduce Stress, and decrease the risk for having a range of problems, including emotional problems, ADHD, conduct disorder and impaired cognitive development, emotional problems including impaired brain development, lower IQ, premature birth, and low birth weight.


• Research Book (efficacy of methods and applications)

• Cognitive Distortions: 15 Styles of Distorted Thinking and Thought-Provoking Questions

• Digital Media Kit: (8) Audio/Video Deep Relaxation Exercises; Guided Imagery Therapy Audio, Autogenic Training (Self-Hypnosis 1-3), Relaxation Therapy Music, Smoking Cessation (2) Guided Imagery Videos with narrative & without narrative. Exercise Instructions are relatively brief [15-20 minutes] targeting to develop self-awareness, self-regulation skills, manage emotions, improve emotional intelligence, and improve emotional health by promoting self-awareness as it reduces stress.

• (6) Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) worksheets, handouts, and self-help resources for reducing stress. These CBT activity worksheets, handouts, information sheets, and self-help guides have been carefully designed for you to use in your therapy sessions, clinical work, or teaching. Stress, anger, and assertiveness interventions and training: How to Handle Stress Teen/Adult, Anger Management Teen/Adult, Assertiveness Training Teen/Adult, Assertiveness Training 6th Grade 11 – 12 yr. old, Assertiveness Training 5th Grade 10 – 11 yr. old

• Student Starter Kit: PractitionerPro® Logo, Business Portfolio Forms (Session Delivery Templates, Scripts, Intakes, Questionnaires (Patient & Parent), Consent forms & examples, etc., Patient Education Pamphlets (Brochures: pediatric, teen & adult standard & personalized-add your logo) How-to-do PractitionerPro® (trainer & user workbooks), Handouts, Instruction Guides, How-To-Do Deep Breathing, Trainer Template Guides: Individual, Group, Workshop, Royalty Free Music

• 2 Course Completion Certificates

Certification: Relaxation Therapist

Best Seller

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☻Curriculum for Nonviolent living.

Anti-Bullying ( Anti-Violence ) program is a psycho-educational approach working with children, teens, adults and parenting workshops.

Program applications include prevention planning and Health Promotion for all ages concentrating on improving healthy coping skills and character education. Skill-building activities break the cycle of unhealthy thinking and actions. Social and Life Skill activities and lesson plans develop Emotional Intelligence (identifying feelings), and coping skills. Activities and handouts included in the program offering an action-packed highly interactional program for all ages and profiles (special needs and hearing impaired included). The ready-to-use program gives workshop programs to address therapeutic approaches for both the bully (predator) and the victim.

For more information or to make a request, please call (814) 662 – 5338

Hoping can’t end the struggle of stress, and the harmful effects of stress ~ But together we can.

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