Online relaxation therapist training

Online relaxation therapist training  program description

Online Certificated Relaxation Therapist Training

Online Relaxation Therapist Training with professional relaxation teacher training courses

Stress Management | Relaxation Techniques Online Home-Study Course

relaxation therapist-stress coach training

Become a Relaxation Therapist | Stress Coach and Teacher

Relaxation Therapies Home-Study Professional Training Program  Description

                          Online relaxation therapist training | Training and Student Kit | Relaxation Techniques

Guided Imagery • Autogenic Training • Breathing • Classical Self-Hypnosis

 Meditation (professional dialogue) • Progressive Muscle Relaxation

 Therapy Resolution, PractitionerPro® Methods; Rapid Mind-Body Techniques

Online relaxation therapist training program includes two course studies training manuals containing prerecorded lectures and audio examples of Relaxation Techniques, as well as templates for conducting individual, group and workshops; a business portfolio, and a helpful Q & A guide for the quiz. We describe our Home-Study manuals as ‘Talking e-books'’ because they contain audio lectures and relaxation exercises just like you would receive with in-person training. The difference with Home-Study is in the name: You can study anywhere you have an Internet connection for a relaxed learning experience. Staff Training and private training available upon request. Please call: (814) 662 - 5338. We can also help you start your online presence and or in-person programs today! Our Social and Emotional Health Experts are experienced health education and stress curriculum program writers ready to help you blend a curriculum designed for you. We look forward to learning how we can help you.

Want To Start an Easy Career?

Passing this online relaxation therapist training course will help you in at least

two important ways:

1. You will become adept at using Relaxation Therapies to solve your own problems and improve your own performance.

2. You will understand how to use Relaxation Therapies to work with and help others recover quickly, working with both children and adult care.

Online relaxation therapist training Intro Description:

Relaxation skills are profound evidence-based tools for the treatment of stress, anxiety, anger, and pain. In addition to being excellent tools, they are easy, fast working and provide you with a self-regulating care toolbox. Relaxation skills are some of the few tools that offer immediate results, a sense of relief, helping you improve your mood, change behavior, manage thoughts and feelings, and gain relief from physical illness symptoms, including pain. Through a combination of in-depth research, on-the-job experience, and a review of latest scientific research we designed PractitionerPro®, Community Classes and Relaxation Therapies Professional training. PractitionerPro® is full of powerful relaxation exercises and CBT Worksheets for Therapy & Self-Help (PDF) to help you launch your career in-person or through a virtual office.

Online relaxation techniques training

Online Relaxation Therapist Home-Study Course Training

2017–18 Start a Career: Stress Coach/Relaxation Therapist

Home-Study Course Online registration is open

Online Relaxation Therapist Home-Study Course Training

Materials will be available online or in traditional print format*

(2) Manual Course study. Multiple choice exam within course study- verbal at supervision

Phone Supervision (2 hours) - Required to be a Certified Licensed Provider

Site & Group Licensing/Subscriptions available

(814) 662 - 5338 call for more information.

  Relaxation Therapy Home-Study Course Training

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Online relaxation therapist training

6 Ways To Help Others that Lead you To Success

  1. Help regulate one's emotions to handle stress
  2. Control impulses, and behavior
  3. Provide empowerment skills to prompt overcoming obstacles
  4. Effective goal planning and monitoring
  5. Improve emotional, social, and physical health
  6. Better relationships, communication skills, expressing emotions appropriately

Discover Where The Mind Goes The Body Will Follow


Brief Program Description: Study in-depth Relaxation Therapies and get a Digital Media Kit: Relaxation therapeutic audio/video portfolio and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) instructor guides and worksheets for reducing stress (anger management, stress management and assertiveness coping skills workbooks).

Online Relaxation Therapist Training Program Description: PractitionerPro® home-study training offers Professional Relaxation Therapy training at your own pace (no prerequisite required). Study relaxation techniques & strategies for clinical practice: pediatric, teen & adult care. This training program offers an easy, effortless solution to start a career in Relaxation Therapies. Dive deep and explore hypnotherapy: Guided Imagery, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Autogenic Training, Self-Hypnosis, Mind-Body methods (Therapy Resolution, PractitionerPro®) and other relaxation exercises, and behavioral techniques to reduce stress, and work with stress-related disorders, and non-pharmacological therapy's management of pain. Get a comprehensive starter kit compatible with smart phones & tablets. Practice hands-on exercises as you listen to audio lectures and exercises guiding you step-by-step. Training includes audios and PDF documents to ensure the best learning experience. Home-study training is your starting point for earning certification. Request supervision (verbal exam) after completing the home-study, achieve PractitionerPro® Licensed Provider certification. Relaxation Training offers Biopsychosocial Training Program, relaxation techniques, exercise, and behavioral techniques to reduce stress and a variety of stress-related disorders by a Multimodal program to treat the whole person – mind, body, and spirit for the complexities of emotional stress and psychophysiological responses to stress.

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Benefits, including psychological treatments in multidisciplinary approaches offer

Stress Management, Integrative neuroscience counseling - brain-based clinical approaches, non-pharmacological pain management, Integrative Medicine and holistic complementary therapies. Students and practicing therapists get a practical approach to providing cognitive-behavioral relaxation therapies interventions and training (RT). PractionerPro® training provides audio examples to illustrate the methods and techniques, as well as data to support their effectiveness. Relaxation techniques offer multiple roles by designing and applying interventions to reduce or prevent distress and adequately contribute to future health and wellness.

Relaxation  Non Violence Training
Relaxation  Non Violence Training
Relaxation  Non Violence Training
Relaxation  NonViolence Training

Social and emotional skills, the key to achieve success in life. How come we miss being taught this skill? Did you know other countries don’t? That is until now… Welcome to PractionerPro®

A Practical Training & Mobile Ready Toolkit for Today’s Working Therapist / Educator

Reduce 5 harmful effects, Stress reactions

  • Mental Distress (anxious, anxiety, worry, guilt, nervousness, moodiness, or depression)
  • Physical Symptoms (high blood pressure, headaches, heartburn, stomach cramping, or nausea, difficulty breathing, pain)
  • Unhealthy Habits (smoking, overeating, drug and alcohol abuse, addictions, gambling or overspending)
  • Optimal Health Performance and Stamina (problems concentrating, trouble learning new information, forgetfulness, disorganization or confusion, difficulty making decisions)
  • Increased AROUSAL (increased frustration and irritability, anger and frustration)
online relaxation therapist trainng

A Blueprint in Medicine: Social and Emotional Skills Are Vital to Keep At-Risk Individuals on Track

Upon the completion of the 

Online relaxation therapist training program the participants should be able to:

Demonstrate relaxation techniques

• Create a focused state for student learning, growth and transformation

• Manage one’s organizational life; professional personal performance

• Employ anxiety reduction techniques to reduce pain and discomfort

• Identify techniques to reduce fears

• Discuss how relaxation therapies can change habits

• Discuss cognitive distortions

• Examine tools and benefits for the childbirth process

• Identify Neuro-linguistic programming suggestions help with weight loss and addictions

• Analyze techniques for Professional Goal Planning in achieving resolutions

• Employ tools and suggestions to Improve confidence and self esteem

• Discuss relaxation technique suggestions to improve quality of life

• Prepare procedures to get out of blocked patterns, form better relationships, and assist clients with stress and emotional difficulties

• Identify strategies for long-term stress management

• Discuss the findings of alternate methods of relaxation techniques

• Describe the use of relaxation techniques as a workshop tool

• Describe benefits of relaxation therapies: medical and mental health applications

• Recognize “how to” do trade techniques; Autogenic Training, Diagrammatic Breathing, Classical/Self-Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, Meditation (professional dialogue), Progressive Muscle Relaxation, and Therapy Resolution, PractitionerPro® Methods

• Determine potential mind sabotages created by imprints of the subconscious


Dive deep into ancient wisdom of the past combined with modern psychological tools of the present.© Relaxation techniques can shed stress and restore an inner peace. Balance emotions, stop physical and psychological distress, and stimulate present awareness with peace. Experience a transformational learning style education while you listen to prerecorded lectures, relaxation exercises, and learn traditional and rapid mind/body techniques in the privacy of your own home. Mind-body interventions focus on the interaction between the brain, body, and behavior. Make the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection. Discover a holistic biopsychosocial model approach through a study of techniques as old as time itself to alter physical function and promote overall health and well-being.

Training Woman

Study in-depth Relaxation Therapies and get a Digital Media Kit: Relaxation Therapeutic Portfolio and Psychology Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) instructor guides and worksheets for reducing stress (anger management, stress management and assertiveness coping skills worksheets).

Mind/Body Medicine | Relaxation Techniques Professional Training

Digital Media Kit

Online relaxation therapist training student kit:

Starter Kit for working with Adults, Teens and Children.

Brochures (3): Therapeutic Instructions & Exercises;

(1) Pediatric, (2) Adult care (standard and custom to add your logo)

o Patient Education Relaxation Therapies Instruction Manual (2): (1) User, (1) Trainer

o Videos (2): Relaxation Visual Aids; (1) with narrative and (1) without narrative

o Audios (14): (8) Lectures + (6) Audio Therapy; (1) Guided Imagery, (3) Autogenic Training, (1) Smoking Cessation, (1) Relaxation Meditation Music

o Workbooks: Include Teen/Adult Versions: (1) How to Handle Stress, (1) Anger Management, (3) Assertiveness Training (Teen/Adult, 5th & 6th Grade)

Cognitive behavioral or relaxation training is a mandatory compliance program with accredited hospitals working with professionals.

JCAHO : Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

HFAP: American Osteopathic Association Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program

VA/VHA: Department of Veterans Affairs working with Veterans Health Administration

Who is this training for?

A wide variety of professionals seek out Relaxation Therapies training, including licensed and non-licensed professionals from physicians, nurses, child life specialists, optometrists, podiatrists, physician assistants, certified midwives, and dentists to psychotherapists, teachers, community leaders, holistic and complementary practitioners, holistic and alternative medicine providers, coaches, spiritual counselors, health education providers, childbirth educators, parenting/caregiver education providers, anger management specialists, social workers, cardiopulmonary care rehabilitation therapists, drug and alcohol addiction counselors  including general mental health counselor and psychotherapists.

No Perquisite

Upon completion of program training. It is student’s responsibility to work within applicable guidelines of professions.

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Stress can be overwhelming and physically and emotionally destructive. Learning techniques that can alleviate stress that are scientifically proven to help you and others live healthier and longer lives.

Opioid Addiction Law

Prescribing Law For Treatment of Acute and Chronic Pain


New law is requiring alternatives to opioids for managing and treating pain.

Who this applies to: Physicians, dentists, optometrists, podiatrists, physician assistants, certified nurse midwives, or advanced practice nurses authorized to prescribe controlled substances. These professionals are required to offer alternative services within practices. Let us train a multidisciplinary team member for your practice or select training for yourself - distribute PractitionerPro® Digital Media to patient care.

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Learn cutting-edge research-based tools and skills.

Our team can help your office expand into Relaxation Therapies.

Coach Your Patients – Work with us.

Coach Your Staff – Have us train your staff to help your existing members.

Expand Your Practice – Learn how to expand your services and income to offer Relaxation Therapies – Expand your credentials; add a layer of education you won’t get in school.



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Using Technology as a Learning Tool, and Student Digital Media Kit for the management of stress, pain and relaxation

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Evidence-Based Methods: Scientifically proven to reduce healthcare utilization & efficacious chronic pain therapy, improving cardiovascular parameters, anxiety, chronic stress, menopausal symptoms, promoting positive health behaviors substantially. Request mind-body medicine professional Training & Appointment:

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