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Online Individual and Group Non-Pharmacological Pain Management Specialist Erie, PA

* Personal Care Services for you or your Loved One (common to include caregiver support)​ *
* Non-Narcotic Management of Pain, Behavioral Disturbances and Anger (the hidden anxiety emotion) *
* In-Home, Onsite service and remote via telephone *

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No-Drug, Non-Narcotic Options for Easing Pain

Martha Watson PhD Non-Pharmacological Pain Management services include a combination of specialists’ offerings to help you in management of pain. She is a Mind-Body Technocrat, professional trainer of Relaxation Therapies, Licensed Hearthmath Provider (HRV - Heart Rate Variability Specialist), and certified Diplomate NAMA Anger Management Specialist. Qualifications are expert knowledge and skills to help you manage emotions and the discomfort of pain, symptoms, and hardships without the use of opioids. Call Today! Discover methods proven by science to help and learn how we can make life more manageable for you to enjoy!

Managing Pain: Beyond Drugs

Illness and disease often include symptoms difficult to deal with such as pain. In fact, it’s the culprit to start anxiety when titled with most diagnosis. Luckily, there are evidence-based methods than can be implemented without the use of medications. It’s called Non-Pharmacological Pain Management. Non-pharmacological pain relief in palliative care is a type of care focused on providing relief from the symptoms and stress. It can be for short term, such as preparing for hospital procedure, or for long term discomfort such as facing enduring pain from Fibromyalgia, Cancer, or degenerative disease (ex., nerve diseases, heart disease, tumor, or a stroke) and illnesses. In addition, Non-Pharmacological care is a selective alternative for addicts and well renown to help the aging, dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. 

Cancer pain (including symptoms of fatigue, difficulty swallowing and eating), fibromyalgia, chronic headaches and migraines are a few examples of the conditions that can be successfully managed with Dr. Martha Watson’s non-narcotic pain management program. Chronic pain such as arthritis and joint inflammation, back pain and digestive disorders can rob your life of enjoying daily activities and life in general.

Non-Pharmacological Pain Management Specialist Erie, PA Pennsylvania

No-Drug, Non-Narcotic Options for Easing Pain

Common chronic pain complaints requesting care for non-pharmacological pain management services include: phantom limb pain (PLP), Somatoform pain disorder, psychosomatic pain and psychogenic pain (pain sufferers with depression or anxiety panic attacks and neurogenic pain (pain resulting from damage to the peripheral nerves or to the central nervous system itself) ).

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Non-Pharmacological pain specialist services can help you with chronic pain or short-term pain (undergoing procedures or hospital stay) or provide individuals relief at end-of-life care.

Non-Pharmacological Pain Management Specialist Erie, PA Pennsylvania

No-Drug, Non-Narcotic Options for Easing Pain

A non-narcotic approach to pain management is not only successful in reducing pain in these conditions but also lets you live free from pain without pharmaceutic medications that can have serious side effects and undesirable consequences.

Non-Pharmacological Pain Specialist Erie, PA Pennsylvania 

Mind-Body Integrative Medicine approaches are options available to you offering evidence-based care to give you relief. Dr. Martha, teacher and “Non-Narcotic “pain management specialist is skilled in offering you a comprehensive approach to helping you reduce your pain, cope with the hardship, and empower you to a pain-free life.

Non-Pharmacological Pain Management Specialist Erie, PA Pennsylvania

 No-Drug, Non-Narcotic Options for Easing Pain

Martha Watson PhD specializes in chronic pain issues that not only affect your physical self but also impact your emotional and mental health well-being. Dr. Martha is a compassionate Non-Narcotic Pain Management Specialist who offers you personalized care. She is a rare find in today's medical community.

Non-Pharmacological Pain Management Specialist Erie, PA Pennsylvania

No-Drug, Non-Narcotic Options for Easing Pain

***Dr. Martha does not participate with insurance. We offer several options to help you get the relief now.

Non-Pharmacological Pain Management Specialist Erie, PA Pennsylvania

Pain management for patients with dementia

Elder Care Services: An approach to the management of pain and behavioral disturbances in dementia patients.

Keywords: management of pain, non-pharmacological pain management, Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive impairment, behavior, behavioral disturbances, dementia, anger, agitation and anxiety.

Behavioral Disturbances Concomitant with Dementia Nonpharmacological interventions should be the first treatment tried for BPSD. Available evidence suggests that pain interventions targeting behavioral disturbances and behavioral interventions targeting pain are effective in reducing both pain and behavioral symptoms in dementia.83 Since 2003

What The Science is Saying

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Chronic Pain Management: Non-Pharmacologic Therapies Training

Non-Pharmacological Pain Management Training for: Physicians, dentists, optometrists, podiatrists, physician assistants, certified nurse midwives, advanced practice nurses authorized to prescribe controlled substances.

TRAIN WITH US – Learn scientifically research-based Non-Pharmacological Pain Management skills. Our team can help your office expand into Non-Narcotic Pain Management services to help your members, train staff on evidence-based practices.

Coach Your Patients – Work with us.

Coach Your Staff – Have us train your staff to help your existing members.

Expand Your Practice – Learn how to expand your services and income to offer Children, Youth and Adult  non-pharmacological methods.

Expand your Credentials – add a layer of education you won’t get in school.

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