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Mindful Parent and Caregiver

If you are a parent, foster parent, grandparent or a divorced parent raising a child today seems hard, in addition, there may be behavioral problems present with children you are caring for. All parents today face stress, worry, and hardships with raising families. The solution to helping children starts with the caregiver/parent instituting an environment that offers a home with security and structure. The best action plan to help children is to be a positive parent role model offering a nurturing therapeutic environment. Request the Mindful Parenting program to help you endure parenting stress and become more mindful of awareness, what's unfolding in your life and your children's lives. Mindful parenting is about moment-to-moment, being in the now, release of past triggers, and open-hearted attention focus.

Mindful Parent and Caregiver

Mindful Parenting and Caregiving

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Positive parenting role modeling will determine the success of a child’s endurance in social and emotional skills as well as provide the best intervention assistance for troubled youth. Positive parenting role modeling is creating “mindfulness-awareness.” Mindfulness is the act of a parent being aware of their triggers and issues and identifying if they are responding to the child’s behaviors or out of their insecurities and fears. Mindfulness self-awareness implies to be aware, conscious, with an ability to examine one's behavioral reactions and responses. Our childhood experiences shape our conditioned responses and impact our personalities and who we are today. The role of parenting is stressful. However, instituting support to become mindful in parenting helps children build positive habits, promotes a child’s self-esteem and improves behavior.

Mindfulness in parenting is acting being attentive, non-judging, and non-reacting in interactions with their children.

Here are a few tips in Mindfulness parenting

Do not Engage


Institute Time Out

Remain Calm

Consistency in Rules and Expectations

Positive Rewards for Behavior

Accentuate Composure in Communication Skills

Three key factors to Mindful Parenting:

Be present. Identify your own feelings when you are stressed

Do not engage responding in anger.

Communication skills: Listening carefully and responding effectively.

How-To-Do Three key factors to Mindful Parenting:

1. Noticing your own feelings when you’re in conflict with your child

2. Learning to pause before responding in anger,

3. Listening carefully to a child’s viewpoint even when disagreeing with it.

Mindful parenting is relatively new and a powerful intervention demonstrated by research to be effective for all parents including those with children suffering from psychopathology. (mental health & behavioral disorders).

According to new research, mindful parenting helps kids to less likely get depression, anxiety or use drugs. Mindfulness parenting promotes coping skills and positive behavior in their kids. J Abnorm Child Psychol. 2016 Jan;44(1):191-202. doi: 10.1007/s10802-015-9978-x. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25633828

Mindful Parenting and Care Giving

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