Mediation and Coaching

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Physician Litigation Stress Medical Malpractice Support &

Court Ordered and Employee Ordered Anger Management & Physician Disruptive Behavior

Anger Management, Physician Disruptive Behavior, Personal Request - Court Ordered and Employee Ordered Anger Management, Balance Life and Executive Coaching. Anger Management programs are approved for court and employee ordered assessments, classes and programs. Please call for Anger Management rates.

Additional services include: (click to view)

Physician Anger Management and Coaching for Disruptive Behavior

Corporate Anger Management (Managers, Executives and subordinates at all levels)

Litigation Stress

Emotional Support Program to help you better cope with these impacts. Added benefits include Alternative Options for those required Anger Management Court Ordered discipline actions. Physician Litigation Stress Medical Malpractice Support Call (814) 662 - 5338 to learn more.

HR Support

Work with Me! Support to Professionals to Handle Disruptive Behavior, Policies, and Procedures Employee. Call (814) 662- 5338

 International recognition (18 countries) for the field of anger management and related issues. ~~ USA | AE (armed forces in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Canada) | US Military Service BAHRAIN | BERMUDA | BRAZIL | CANADA | CHINA | CURACAO | GEORGIA | GREECE | JAPAN ISRAEL | ITALY | MEXICO | NEW ZEALAND | NIGERIA | PUERTO RICO | TURKEY | SINGAPORE UK

Balance (Work/Life/Career) Coaching

$425-550 for young professionals or unemployed individuals; two-hour sessions with text and phone in between

Executive Coaching

$625 for mid-level and senior professionals. two-hour sessions with text and phone in between

$750 for three hour sessions, sixty to ninety-minute sessions with text and phone in between.

Please note: Phone calls are short calls not over fifteen minutes one allowance per week, and text availability amounts to 3 a week for support.

Family Mediation/Conflict Coaching, Marital Mediation, Divorce Coaching, Communication Coaching

Mediation Coaching

Mediation Coaching Erie, PA

Insight Therapies provides Mediation Coaching for individuals to gain the ability to engage in, manage, or productively resolve conflict. Mediation Coaching often termed Conflict Coaching helps individuals that are experiencing difficulties as a result of an unresolved disagreement, complaint or a disruptive behavior experience such as anger, bullying or relationship difficulties. Mediation Coaching can help you in your personal life, work relationships, family, in your neighborhoods, anywhere.

Conflict Coaching for workforce employees or service users at your organization are available by contracts with renewable yearly basis.

Please call us at (814) 662 – 5338 for more information or scheduling a Conflict Coaching/Mediation Erie, PA appointment.

Mediation Coaching is not to be used for legal advice, and it is not psychotherapy, nor a substitute for mental health care.

Marital Mediation

Marital Mediation to Stay Married (also known as Mediation) is a mediation process for couples who are experiencing relationship difficulties or marital problems and who are seeking to stay together, work through their difficulties in a constructive way, resolving conflict and who wish to avoid divorce or separation. Marital Mediation is open to married couples, unmarried couples, and same sex couples.

Mediation Coaching: A Form Of Conflict Coaching.

A behavior skills approach that improves the mediation process.

Gain the advantage - Get Mediation Coaching. Mediation coaching offers a set of skills and strategies to help you have the ability to engage in, manage, or productively resolve conflict.

Mediation Coaching can be used as a stand-alone process, or can be practiced with each of the parties in separate meetings during mediation.

Helps with the following:

  • Understanding the Conflict
  • Defining Points of Agreement and Dispute
  • Identify Solutions for Agreement
  • Solidifying Agreement

Family Mediation

How can this help you?

Family Mediation is helpful to help with:

  • Difficulties communicating with teenagers
  • Difficulties with 'in-laws' and parents
  • Difficulties family members and relationships
  • Difficulties with ex-partners or partners
  • Difficulties adult children “fallen” out of family
  • Challenges of siblings working as a unit
  • Siblings who have fallen out
  • ... and more family relationship difficulties.

Family Mediation is scheduled with minimum of 3 sessions.

Family Mediation is not counseling or therapy. Its sole purpose is to help you find a conflict resolution. It is challenging but fair, confidential and a safe environment.

Collaborative Law Coach, Legal Support Coach & Litigation Stress Offerings:

Divorce Coaching

Practical application offering emotional and behavioral skill building and support as divorce party navigates through the divorce process.Divorce coaches help you navigate through your divorce while maintaining emotional composure enduring stress creating a resolution road map. Often this service combines family-focused services. A Divorce Coach assists clients in addressing various emotional or communication issues that are keeping the clients from reaching settlement

Strategies & techniques enable you to be confident.

How To Prepare For Court:  Communication Coaching

Endure stress, maintain emotional composure and gain a skill set to prepare you for litigation, criminal/family law.

We are the missing link that strengthens cases immensely.

Individual Divorce & Communication Coaching Packages – (3-month Commitment) * – Monthly Cost $360

Total 3-month Cost ($972) $120.00 an hour

Coaching Fee Structure

1. First Meeting: Design the Alliance – 45-60 minutes (FREE w/Monthly or 3-month Package)

2. Three Months of Coaching with three coaching calls per month for support.

3. Add-On Court Presentation Prep may be requested as well as support to attend legal matters with additional fee amounts.

Individual appointment rates In-Person $200.00 (90 minutes)

Individual online appointment rates $175.00 (90 minutes)

Design the Alliance online or In-Person (90 minutes) $250.00