Pregnancy Stress Management

Maternity Stress and Leadership Certification

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Online pregnancy stress management

Pregnancy Stress Management Benefits

Rid Stress and the harmful effects for both mom-to-be and unborn babies. Stress in mothers increases the risk of miscarriage, can cause developmental and emotional problems for offspring, can affect the development of the brain in babies, causes lower IQ, premature birth.

Naturally, prevent postpartum depression, ease common and high-risk symptoms and improve health outcomes for baby-to-be.

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Pregnancy Stress Management Benefits

About Program

The program will give participants a three-option method for addressing stress, as well as a toolbox of personal skills, including using relaxation techniques, and communication skills interventions (Interpersonal Skills).

The program draws on the evidence-based treatment models of relational theory and cognitive-behavioral therapy ideal for group or individuals in community service programs, healthcare, corrections, as well as institutional settings.

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Prenatal Teacher Training Relaxation Techniques
PractitonerPro® Partner Program Structure

Programs offer a grassroots approach from the inside out, starting with one student, one partner at a time.

Together let's end stress and the harmful effects affecting communities.

Partnership Certification

The certification model requires a 20-week training


Part of social change is changing economics. Become a Trainer

Global Outreach

Out-Reach Support, provide call-in-support to your community.

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Leadership Devlopment

Certification Training Programs

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Peer Leadership Program

Certified Peer Coach Training

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Birthing Professionals

Certified Health Coach Training

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Nurses & Mental Health Professional Clinical Training

Certified Relaxation Therapist

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There is now considerable evidence that the mother’s emotional state during pregnancy can affect the development of her baby’s brain.

Relaxation, Mindfulness & Guided Imagery, The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Strong Mind, Body, Spirit Connection!

Target an approach for baby brain health and Mom’s mental health through Pregnancy Stress Management and Health Coaching Mind-Body Relaxation Therapies. Build better emotional health, coping skills, offering benefits to help in numerous profile benefits, and applications.

Here is What You Can Do About Harmful Stress

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PractitionerPro® Method

Breathing for Life

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Pregnancy Stress Management

Simple, Easy To Learn and Delivers Measurable Results

PractitionerPro® Method~ Breathing for Life

$260.00 Mindfulness, Meditation & Relaxation

28-Day Course Online Pregnancy Stress Management~ Registration: Call (814) 662 - 5338
Description: 4 classes, 30-minute facilitator-led instruction telephone coaching support with Relaxation Toolbox for coping with stress (Web-based training program accessible by smartphone PC, and tablet). Learn about deep breathing, guided imagery, and other relaxation techniques.

The class teaches you how-to-do relaxation technique exercises. Your supportive toolbox provides you with listening and visual pleasure of audios, videos, relaxing music, and self-help worksheets.

A Women’s Body Knows Exactly What to Do …Sometimes We Just Have to Be Reminded of That

Symptoms of stress can make you have trouble sleeping, have headaches, increase or decrease in appetite. High levels of stress may cause health problems: high blood pressure, and heart disease. Naturally, prevent postpartum depression and anxiety, rid stress and ease common and high-risk symptoms and improve health outcomes for baby-to-be. Research states, if a mother is stressed, anxious or depressed while pregnant, her child is at increased risk for having a range of problems, including emotional problems, ADHD, conduct disorder and impaired cognitive development. Source: Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 2007;48(3-4):245-61

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Start Now to Help Your baby's Emotional Needs

This is how to get your baby off to a healthy emotional start

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Promote relaxation with scientifically proven methods to reduce anger, anxiety, depression, stress, and pain as well as improve positive mood, memory, and quality of life.

Address Public Health Emergencies, Drug Addiction, Mental Health Epidemics (Anxiety, Depression, Mood Disorders), Babies Harmed (Risk of Miscarriage, Lower IQ and Developmental Delays), Families Broken (Divorce, Increase Crime Rate) … Struggles with Stress

Pregnancy Stress Management

Pregnancy Stress Management

Simple Tools with Extraordinary Benefits

Pregnancy Stress Management

Hoping can't end stress or the harmful effect during pregnancy and to newborns- but together we can!

For more information or to make a request call Martha Watson, Ph.D., CAMS II,

Distance Education Coordinator (814) 662 – 5338 Insight Therapies LLC