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Partnership for Community: Please donate helping us in our project needs and to continue efforts to bring support and resources for us to reach our vision and mission. Our mission is to stop violence, bullying, and the harmful effects of stress. Our Vision is a world where emotional health is recognized in healthcare, education, and protected in government. Every donation counts. Your generosity will make a practical difference in the community by supporting families on their health and wellness transformation. We believe in the power of a parent, the strength - influence on family, and the positive beneficial effects on our society. We are asking for funding to help us. No amount is too little. If interests for donations of services exist, please contact us. We welcome any opportunities to help us achieve our goal.

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Donate Stop Stress
Donate Stop Stress

Insight Therapies LLC

(814) 662 - 5338

About Family Advocacy Services

Family Advocate Services provides support to families coping with stress and the consequences of stress affecting health, behavior, and relationships impacting families. Family Advocacy Services fosters a stress endurance goal to prevent the rise of violence (bullies, anger, mental and behavioral health problems, miscarriage, substance abuse, suicide), broken homes, individuals and families at emotional health risk. Family Advocate Services focuses on support to Caregivers and Parents coping with stress whether it's an emotional health risk problem or family members medical and mental health illness, addiction, or behavioral health problem that involves a stress component.

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It's time emotional health is recognized, a legal right protected in healthcare, education, and protected in government.

" Emotional health neglectfulness is fueling a stress epidemic. The spiral of stress is causing a risk to health; mental, physical, and behavior problems, miscarriage, suicide, addiction, and violence. Support programs for our emotional health and social change advocacy federal law changes. Please donate to help us." - Dr Martha

Dr Martha

Hi, I'm Martha Watson, Ph.D., CAMS II, author, founder and Distance Education Coordinator of PractitionerPro® professional training and community psychoeducational programs thank you for reading this page, we hope you join us in our mission and vision.

Stress Management and Emotional Health
Insight Therapies programs pioneer a new approach shifting the landscape recognizing the importance of emotional health, a primary symptom of stress or a stress-related disorder or illness through a scientific Mind-Body Integrative Medicine approach to criminal justice, healthcare, and community-based family and behavioral health services.

We train professionals to work in clinical approaches while we passionately support the families through community psycho-educational programs. We offer Relaxation Therapist certification training for clinical applications to work with patients (children, youth and adults), and Health Coach programs that support peers and patient families (caregivers of seniors and children). We support a whole unit approach to combating stress and the harmful impacts of stress. 

Donate Stop Stress
Donate Stop Stress

Insight Therapies LLC

(814) 662 - 5338

This is What Your Contribution Supports

Emotional Health Programs You Can Support

Stress management training can overcome the severity of stress reactions as well as help you strengthen skills for stopping added, harmful stress reactions. Equally, in importance, stress management techniques provide us with empowerment building skills for recovery, health, and wellness.

 Promote relaxation with scientifically proven methods to reduce anger, anxiety, depression, stress, and pain as well as improve positive mood, memory, and quality of life. Community Programs & Clinical Training

Non-Opioid Options for Pain Relief  | Nonnarcotic Alternatives Behavioral Health

Mind-Body Relaxation Therapist, Health Coach, Peer-to- Peer Training Certification Training

Perinatal Pregnancy Stress Management & Infancy Brain Development and Health, Prevent Postpartum Depression, Maternity Stress, (CAM) Anxiety and Depression, and Miscarriage

ASD Stress Busters Build immune system and correct shallow upper thoracic breathing. Relief benefits: social, communication and behavioral challenges coping with stress, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Tourette’s Syndrome. ASD includes several conditions: autism spectrum condition (ASC), pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS), and Asperger syndrome.

Kids Stress Strategy benefits for working with non-opioid, non-pharmacological treatment approaches for addictions, mental and medical health care.

Kids Stress Relief & How to Keep Kids Safe (Parent workshop) PDF activity workshop - home activity learning

Senior Brain Health Exercises 55 + Benefits of stress-relaxation practice improve health, lowers cortisol, prevent memory loss and improves mental function

Caregiver Stress Syndrome Combat symptoms affecting health and emotion, exhaustion, short temper, sadness, increased pain, digestive problems, anger, frustration or guilt resulting from your role as a Caregiver.

Mindful Parenting Become a role model and learn Relaxation, Meditation and Mindfulness self-regulation strategies that include communication skills and mindful practices. Identify and manage one's own emotions, as well as strategies to improve health and wellness, and the emotions of others.

Help us bring nonnarcotic approaches, empowerment strategies to families to rid stress and the harmful effects of stress. Stress, a health epidemic causing 90% of disease and illness destroys relationships, health, and families by suffering consequences of violence, risks to our health, suicide, and children are at risk, women are suffering miscarriages, please help us stop the stress epidemic and support care for emotional health.

Donate Stop Stress
Donate Stop Stress

Insight Therapies LLC

(814) 662 - 5338

Please bring health and safety to these individuals and families by donating

Donate To Stop Stress

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