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Become a Health Coach

Become a PractitionerPro® Facilitator

For more information or to make a request call Martha Watson, Ph.D., CAMS II, Stress, Bullying & Anger Management Specialist Distance Education Coordinator (814) 662 – 5338

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Become a PractitionerPro® Facilitator

Become a Relaxation Therapist or start a Health Coaching Career working with kids and adults. The home-study certification training is both for licensed and non-licensed professionals. Study in-depth Meditation, Mindfulness & Guided Imagery working with kids, teens, and adults. Become a PractitionerPro® Licensed Provider. Get a ready-to-use kit compatible with smartphone, PC or tablet, let us help take you to the digital age-

• Is your Clinical Background in Child Development, Psychology, Nursing, Midwifery, Perinatal, or other fields related to behavioral health?

   Are you in Integrated Medicine, Functional Medicine, Alternative Health?

• Do you have a passion for health and healing through holistic care? Are you interested in a biopsychosocial-spiritual model?

• Are you looking for Non Narcotic, Non-pharmacological approaches to relieve pain and other symptoms, overcome addictions and resolve

  inner conflicts?

• Are you looking to target community epidemics with nonnarcotic evidence-based approaches? Working with stress, depression, anxiety,

  and impulsive disorders?

What is a PractitionerPro® Facilitator?

A PractitionerPro® facilitator assists class participants gain the knowledge and skills in the science of Mind-body therapies working with mindfulness, relaxation and guided imagery. Classes meet for 1-2 hours for an 8-week session. Online Classes are offered in formats to meet for 1-2 hours for an 8-week session or 28 Day Course. Become a Partner to offer a class at your facility – Office, Hospital, Birth Center. If you are interested in attending our Fall training, please call (814) 662 – 5338 to register today!

Relaxation Therapist


Are you looking to target community epidemics with nonnarcotic evidence-based approaches? Working with depression, anxiety, pain, addictions and impulsive disorders?

• Do you have a passion for working with Holistic Medicine treating the Whole Person?

• Do you have a clinical background in psychology and looking to become a Holistic Counselor?

• If you’re interested in helping heal the whole person, holistic counseling is a lucrative career and growing rapidly.

PractitionerPro® Training and Partner Programs strives to ensure that their graduates are the most qualified and prepared to become leaders in their field.

Become a PractitionerPro® Facilitator

Register Today! (814) 662 - 5338

Health Coach Certification

Do you want to become a coach? Major health coach employers like health insurance firms, wellness centers, and weight loss companies want health coaches

Family Health Coach

• Do you want to help families overcome stress, stress-related disorders, or relationship problems?

Peer Health Coach

• Are you a Peer and want to step-up to help your colleagues cope with stress?

Addictions Health Coach

• Do you want to focus on working with the drug epidemic and want to help more?

Start Career Alternative Medicine

• Would you like to start a career as a Life Coach or Health Coach working with Children, Teens or Adults?

Maternity Stress Leadership Program

• Do you have a passion for nurturing the attachment and connection between a new mother and her baby?